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As well as providing answers to questions you may have our client FAQs provide significant information about how we operate. If however you cannot find the answers you seek here then please do not hesitate to get in touch by phone or email.

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Can you talk us through the process?

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Recruitment is rarely 'a one size fits all' exercise so our approach is likely to differ from client to client. A general workflow might take the following form;

  • We will spend some time discussing the nature of your assignment, why it has come about, where it is likely to go and the ideal person specification. We will discuss the essentials skills, qualifications, experiences and the personal attributes that you are seeking in a new employee, as well as discussing your proposed time frames and salary ranges. If you're not sure about the exact details of your vacancy then don't worry – we can assist. Likewise if you have already put together a person/job specification that you feel would be of benefit then please do let us know.
  • Under normal circumstances we will discreetly advertise your opportunity on this site and several third party jobsites that we subscribe to. The vacancy listing will not identify your organisation and we can include or exclude any information where you feel appropriate. Advertising is nearly always at our cost and does not hold you to any further obligation. If you do not feel that it is appropriate to release the details of your vacancy into the public domain then please advise us at your earliest convenience.
  • At the same time we will begin to draw up a long list of suitable candidates from our own database. We will speak to each candidate individually to outline the details of the vacancy and will ensure that the candidate understands the level of skill and experience required to undertake the responsibilities of the role. We will ensure that candidates have considered the salary range; the role location and we will also divulge the name of the recruiting business.
  • We will then begin to narrow our initial long list into a more manageable shortlist. Our standard policy is to send clients as few CVs as we possibly can while ensuring that all fit the criteria as closely as the current marketplace allows. Typically we will aim for 3 to 4 CVs as a maximum although will extend this if the market place is rich. If it is not or if we are unable to closely match the initial specification then the numbers may be lower. The objective is to offer the best possible service that we can and for most clients, wading through dozens and dozens of CVs offers no benefit over direct recruitment. We refuse to take a scattergun approach like many of our competitors. We are looking for a good fit, not just any fit. Some clients prefer more CVs – we're naturally happy to oblige.
  • We'll get the CVs to you as soon as we can, but only when we've satisfied ourselves that we've made the right selection.
  • Following the appropriate selection of candidates we take care of the arrangement of interviews by liaising with you and our candidates to ensure a good selection of interview slots. We'll confirm as quickly as possible and send interview arrangement details to both parties.
  • Following interview we will either have suitable candidates to take further or we will not. If the later then we'll be reverting to step 3, if the former then we're (all) doing well. We can co-ordinate offers, start dates, transfer of personal details, references and any further detail required.
  • Following a candidate's start date, we'll stay in regular contact to ensure that all is panning out well. We're not looking for a quick fix; we're looking for a long-term fix (in the case of permanent assignments). If there are any post-start complications, we'll continue to deal with them even after our guarantee period expires.

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What are my recruitment options?

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We can supply staff on a temporary, contract/interim or permanent basis. Those options typically take the following form;

Temporary – These types of assignments generally call for candidates who can make themselves available at short notice and will often have no determined end date. Temporary assignments through Trial Balance Consulting can run for as little as one day and occasionally for as long as three years. If we place a temporary candidate then they will become an employee of Trial Balance Consulting, and as such we shall take responsibility for paying their salary and any employee benefits that they will be entitled to under the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (AWR). These types of assignments can lead to permanent offers of employment where appropriate.

Contract/Interim – Contract and interim appointments generally have an approximate start and finish date and often run over a longer period of time (usually at least three months). These types of assignments are generally completed on the client's payroll and as such candidates will become an employee of the client who will take responsibility for paying salaries and any employee benefits. These types of assignments can lead to permanent offers of employment where appropriate.

Permanent – As the name would suggest this will be a permanent appointment with a client organisation and as such, will not normally have a pre-determined end date. Candidates will be paid and contracted directly by our client.

* Please note that we are experienced in the placement of interim staff based on the basis of either PAYE, self-employed or under the umbrella of a limited company.

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Where do you source your candidates?

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We're proud of our database of candidates and we think that it makes us the envy of our competitors! Ultimately it's the quality of our candidates that dictates our position within the marketplace and we take our marketing very seriously. We invest very heavily into web based recruitment sites and are not limited by whom we use and how often. Pound for pound we probably invest more into candidate sourcing than any other recruiter in the area and will always continue to do so. In addition to advertising for unique applicants, we also receive a large number of approaches from candidates via referrals and recommendations. Many of our candidates are passive in the marketplace meaning that they are not actively scouring the job boards; instead they prefer us to make contact with them directly.

In summary we will often share a reasonable proportion of our candidates with our competitors but there will always a substantial number who remain unique to us.

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What's the benefit over direct advertising?

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Direct advertising has its place and we can't argue with the potential cost saving assuming that it delivers the goods the first time around. However newspaper advertising has, in our opinion, had its day (we rarely advertise our own vacancies in the newspaper) and is simply too unpredictable to rely on for sourcing the best candidates. If the best candidates don't pick up the paper that day, perhaps because they are on holiday, perhaps because they miss the publication then the exercise becomes a waste of time. If a client doesn't find the right candidate the first time around then the cost of advertising has been a waste and the only solution is to repeat the process and repeat the spend. Internet based advertising is the key to sourcing those elusive candidates. But with the market awash with third party recruitment sites, and with all representing a significant cost to direct one off recruiters, it quickly becomes a minefield. Then there is the time-consuming process of working through the applications to filter out the unsuitable candidates and to decide who to interview. This is where our expertise can be particularly invaluable.

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What can you offer that your competitors cannot?

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Experience, accuracy, and a personable and cost effective service for a start. Trial Balance Consulting has built its reputation on referrals and recommendations. Our team of consultants has recruited in the Southwest marketplace for many years and we understand the local economy, the businesses, and the area inside out. We're often complimented on our ability to match the right candidates to the right jobs with near military precision, but we'll also take an entirely honest approach to recruitment. If we can't do it, we'll say so. If we're not satisfied with what we've come up with, then we won't send it.

We are a privately owned company – no shareholders, no investors, and no hierarchy of management to get lost in. We can tailor our service in every respect and we can also accommodate most budgets. From a candidate sourcing point of view, we leave no stone unturned. We monitor the market and if there's potential to source unique candidates, we'll be there before the competition meaning that our clients always come out on top.

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At what point am I obliged to use your services?

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There's no second place and no consolation prize where recruitment is concerned which means that our service is free and without obligation right up until the point where you make an offer to a candidate, which is subsequently accepted. We can provide advice, help you build a role specification, advertise, long list, shortlist, arrange interviews or whatever else we need to do and it won't cost a penny until we get it right.

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How much will you charge and are there any guarantees attached to your placements?

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For a copy of our standard T&Cs please get in touch. We've priced ourselves competitively and fairly, but we won't cheapen the market. You get what you pay for with recruitment and a job well done is a job worth paying for. Compare us to our multinational, and locally based competitors and we will nearly always come out on top.

All of our permanent and contract placements are guaranteed – please get in touch for further details (0845 303 7380).

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Do you offer discounts for exclusive and/preferred or sole supplier arrangements?

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Naturally we consider sole supply/exclusive arrangements as an attractive option and will frequently deviate (i.e. discount) on our standard charges in such instances. We currently act as sole supplier to a large number of organisations, both large and small throughout the region – in the form of both formal agreements and informal arrangements.

Trial Balance Consulting also supply staff to many organisations as part of a preferred supplier panel, and again we will often negotiate on our standard T&Cs for such arrangements.

If you would like to discuss exclusive, sole supplier or PSL based arrangements then please contact us to discuss further (0845 303 7380).

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